Saturday, May 14, 2022

How to Secure Your Home Before Going on Vacation

The last thing you want on your vacation is for something to go wrong at home. The easiest way to protect your home is by making sure all doors and windows are locked before you leave. But what about an extra layer of security? Follow these safety tips and ensure that everything in the home will be just as before, only more so! Keeping your home safe while away is getting a head start on travel planning.

Secure Your Home
The key is preparation; take precautions against burglars by prepping both physical areas, such as locks on doors (and windows), so they cannot enter.

It’s time to put your shades up and lock the door. You don’t want people peeking into an empty house, but you also can’t afford for anyone who does see it to be able to look through these windows onto what’s happening inside! Instead, close them partially so nothing is visible from outside while giving off that “at home” vibe just enough without being too obvious.

Make It Look Like You’re At Home
When you’re away on vacation, a few things will help make your house look as though it’s home.

If you’re going on a vacation for longer than seven days, stop sending mail and newspapers home. Ask someone in your neighborhood if they can take it instead.

The lights in your house should be a deterrent to unwanted visitors. With the help of an intelligent light timer, you can put at least one on autopilot, so it appears as though somebody is home when they’re not.

When you’re not home, your lawn is the first thing people notice. If it’s overgrown or snowed on for an extended period, be prepared to have someone maintain it.

Smart Home Security
Installing an intelligent security system in your home can help you feel connected even when you’re halfway across the world.

Inform your home alarm company that you will be away for an extended time and if anyone plans on going inside the house. This could help them if there’s ever a problem with any alarms going off!

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