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Smart home installation services to hire that will set up (nearly) anything you buy


Connecting a talking speaker or lock that links to the internet may feel daunting, but you can hire a personal smart home installation services team, which can put together a piece of tech — and make sure you can use it before they leave.

Most won't handle a 9 pm call if the cable goes out, but they can get a product online, installed and make sure a smart speaker, for example, actually talks to the smart thermostat.

People can install any of these products on their own — some as easy as screwing in a light bulb. (Really.) But when you just don't know where to start, or you're staring a C-wire and think, 'No that's not for me,' one of these five are a fine place to begin.

Best Buy

Best Buy's Geek Squad is well known for helping customers get up to speed with purchases made from the company. But the brand has extended that service to any smart home product, even if it wasn't purchased through Best Buy.

Installing some devices, like smart thermostats, can take a bit of time and some comfort with the electrical system. Others like smart assistants, however, are really quite simple, involving little more than plugging a speaker or display into an outlet, downloading an app to a smartphone, and linking the two through Wi-Fi. A tech expert may not be necessary.

But if complete hand-holding is requested, buyers can customers select an installation service — even without buying a product — and purchase that through the web site. Best Buy installs a number of products — from smart thermostats to smart door locks — and also will make sure the items are connected to Wi-Fi before they leave.


You can probably find help for nearly any home need on Handy, let alone installing an outdoor Nest camera — but you can get someone to do that too.

The company has a specific Smart Home section, where people can book directly from the site at any time, connecting to Handy's network of techs. Testing the sign up process, we were able to find appointments as early as the next day.

Handy is definitely focused on the smart home space. Handy co-founder and now Angi CEO Oisin Hanrahan (Angi and Handy are owned by the same company) talked with GearBrain about smart devices, and the need to support customers who are interested in these gadgets but aren't entirely sure how to get them working in their home.

Handy doesn't offer flat fees for smart home installation, but you can get a price quote before you agree to a service, and you can view requests other customers have made, and see how many hours their specific installation took. Customers are charged by Handy, which takes care of handling payments to techs doing the job.

On its site, the company highlights installations for smart locks, thermostats, hubs, video doorbells, and smart security cameras. Wi-Fi routers are also covered, and there's a separate link where you can describe the device if it's not mention — smart blinds or maybe an outdoor smart sprinkler system — to get a quote on those as well.

Handy has partnerships with Nest and Google Home, operates in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom, and every city where they have a tech available is listed clearly on the web site. (And yes, Kona, they've got you covered.)

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